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Eco-Friendly Landscaping Ideas For Your Home

Eco-friendly homeowner practicing sustainable landscaping.
Image Courtesy: Pexels

Sustainable landscape design is environmentally responsible, fiscally rewarding, and on trend for 2018. Greenscaping is part of a larger movement toward more eco-friendly, low-impact living that is gaining traction among US homeowners. Here are some tips to help make your yard a little bit greener.

Waste Not Want Not:

Everyone wants their lawn and garden to look lush and green, but it takes a lot of water to service the American lawn. Consider replacing some of your greedy grasses with drought-resistant plants to cut down on water bills and time spent watering. Americans typically overwater their lawns, wasting gallons of water and millions of dollars each year. Use natural methods, such as installing bark mulches and recycling grass clippings into the lawn, to reduce the need for water and chemical fertilizers. Greenscaping promotes healthy soil. Put on a good set of garden gloves, grab some tools, and get to aerating the dirt around your plants to promote natural growth and greening.

Healthy Dirt Grows Healthy Plants:

Choose native plants that are already acclimated for your location so they can thrive with less work. Do a soil test to chemically analyze the health of your lawn and garden so you can identify which nutrients to put back into the soil. Dousing your yard with chemicals from the home and garden store isn’t just wasting your money and damaging the environment-- over time, it’s actually ruining your soil....

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