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Professional landscaping design and installation service.

Landscaping Design & Installation

Expert landscaping designs for residential and commercial property.

Servicing Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas & Louisiana

Expert Landscape Design & Installation Service

Servicing Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas & Louisiana

Ambiance Landscape team installing new commercial landscaping design.A successful landscape project and happy customers start with a creative unique landscape design. We have two designers on staff at Ambiance Landscape, who have years of experience and extensive knowledge about plants commonly used in Central Mississippi and other surrounding states. Our goal is to create a design that is functional for your space and uses the best plants, trees, shrubs and flowers to meet your visions. Our designers keep a few design principles in mind when creating a new landscape design.

  • Balance - Two types of balance used in landscaping is symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetrical balance is typically used in more formal designs, when one side of the landscape is mirrored on the other side, often used in walkways and landscaping beds. Asymmetric design creates a more relaxed free flowing design, also known as informal balance.
  • Focal Point - This is the strongest element in the design and grabs your attention first. The focal point is typically close to the front entrance of your home or business. Focal points can be created with different plant forms, bright artistic colors and/or a hardscape design.
  • Proportion - Our designers have to ensure that the new landscape design is in proportion to the home or businesses building size. All the features in a design have to be proportional to the space, this includes vertical and horizontal space.
  • Unity - Everything in the landscape design must fit with each other. When designing a new project, the designers make sure the color, size, shape, texture, and placement of all elements work together and create a visual masterpiece.

Landscape Installation Process

After the proposal and timeline has been completed, we'll start the design process. We'll meet you at your home or business to go over the design layout and answer all your questions. Once we have your approval, we'll be ready to begin the installation of your new landscaping.

If your new landscaping design includes any hardscaping elements or a new outdoor kitchen, we generally begin constructing those elements first. We'll secure any permits that may be needed and prepare the site for any stone or paver work to be done. After we have everything ready, we'll start building your new fire place, outdoor kitchen, seating, retaining wall, patio or any other custom hardscape element in your landscaping design.

Once we have completed the construction of hardscape elements, we'll prepare your property for the landscaping. If we are installing new irrigation, this is the next step in the process. We want to make sure all your plants are properly watered with minimal water waste.

After the irrigation is in place, our landscaping crew will begin installing the large and ornamental trees first. Next, we plant all the shrubs/bushes, annuals and any ground covers. After we everything has been planted, we'll lay the mulch or rock ground cover chosen during the design process.

As we complete the project, we clean up the property thoroughly and go over all the details with you. We'll let you know of any important maintenance or care tasks needed and answer any questions you may have. At this time, we are happy to provide a quote for the ongoing maintenance.

A few of our landscape design and installation projects.

Landscape design and installation is one of our primary services and is what we're known for. This is why we travel to provide these services to the states of Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Louisiana. We have many examples of our work, here are just a few:

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