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Green lawn and healthy landscaping with lawn fertilization treatment.

Lawn Care & Fertilization

Servicing residential and commercial property in the Jackson, MS area.

Lawn Care & Fertilization - Haines, Ranken & Madison County, Mississippi

In order for your lawn to reach its full potential, it needs proper lawn care and fertilization, not just routine mowing. The lawns in Central MS can be very different when it comes to the current condition of the lawn, such as soil health, amount of weeds or insect infestations. That’s why every lawn care and fertilization service is customized to meet the needs of your individual lawn.

Lawns need regular fertilization because over time your grass can exhaust the nutrients from the soil. Nutrients can also be drained or carried away by rain water or irrigation, due to many lawn nutrients being water-soluble. These two factors can leave your lawn with a nutrient deficiency, causing an unhealthy lawn that is susceptible to disease. Some soil just doesn’t have the naturally occurring nutrients that a lawn requires to grow healthy, making fertilization is a necessity.

The ideal time to fertilize your lawn in Jackson and surrounding Central Mississippi areas is in mid April, even though our lawns begin to green up in March. During the early growth of turf grasses like Bermuda, Centipede and St. Augustine, the old dormant root system dies off and the grass begins to grow new roots. We want to fertilize the new root growth, therefore we wait until mid April.

Dark green yard from fertilizing in Jackson, MS.

Fertilizing your plants, shrubs, trees and other landscaping.

Fertilizing your young, actively growing, trees, plants and shrubs will provide a much better growth rate and allow your plants to grow better overall. Mature trees need a lot less fertilizer because they are growing incredibly slow and do not require the extra nutrients. Plants, trees and shrubs need fertilizing because not all soil has the key nutrients required for optimal growth. Your plants need to be fertilized to increase growth, root growth, flowering, enhance the foliage color and the plant's overall appearance. The best time to fertilize your plants can vary and we'll guide you with our suggestions.

Sometimes, we also need to apply fertilizer to correct nutrient deficiencies in your plants. When you hire Ambiance Landscape, we consistently work to prevent your trees and shrubs from obtaining nutrient deficiencies.

Weed control is vital to keep your grass growing strong.

Controlling the weeds in your lawn is important when a thick healthy lawn is desirable. When weeds begin to over take your lawn, they compete with your grass for water and nutrients from the soil. This leads to thinning of your grass and its roots, the resulting weak root system will struggle to hold soil in place. Weeds will smother and suffocate healthy grass, leaving you with a lawn full of weeds instead of healthy green grass. Professionally maintained lawns with weed control have an incredibly dense root system, creating that beautifully thick lawn.

If you're located in the Jackson, MS area, or nearby town, give us a call at (601) 829-1309 to begin your lawn fertilization and weed control services.

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