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Jackson, MS home with new irrigation watering the lawn.

Irrigation Services

Residential and commercial irrigation services in Jackson, MS and surrounding areas.

Residential & Commercial Irrigation Services

Lawn and landscaping irrigation is a popular, and sometimes required, addition to homes and businesses. To achieve healthy and lush lawns and landscapes, they must be watered regularly on a consistent schedule. Our clients in the Jackson, MS area, including surrounding areas like Brandon and Flowood, usually don’t have the time or desire to set up a manual sprinkler system to water their lawns and plants. Ambiance Landscape will customize an irrigation system that will target each zone of your property, making sure that your trees, shrubs, flowers and lawn all receive ample and an evenly distributed amount of water. Ensuring that your lawn and landscaping is watered on a constant schedule will promote the healthy growth that homeowners and business owners desire.

We do more than just new irrigation installs, we also handle irrigation repairs and irrigation maintenance/testing. If you're not getting enough water pressure, have busted sprinkler heads, zones that aren't working or any other issue with your sprinkler system, just give us a call at (601) 829-1309 and we'll get it in working order.

Irrigation system watering the lawn in Jackson, MS.

Different types of irrigation for your lawn and landscape.

When installing a new irrigation system for your home or business, many factors are considered when designing the system. The most important factor when designing a new irrigation system is the size of the entire property, then the shape of the property. Also the types of plants, trees, shrubs and flower you have in your landscaping can also influence the design of your new irrigation system. Here are some of the different types of irrigation system elements that we commonly install:

  • Pop-up sprayers are used to cover up to a 15 foot radius or more. The sprinkler is actually hidden below the grass and “pops” up when they are being used, then retracts. The biggest advantage to a pop up irrigation system is the appearance, or lack thereof. This system is buried under ground and is seen only when in use.
  • Pop-up rotors are very similar to the pop-up sprayer, but they have a solid stream that rotates and are used to cover a larger area. Pop-up Rotors require more pressure and uses several gallons of water per minute.
  • Mist Irrigation sprinklers are usually placed in flower beds and spray a fine mist under low pressure.
  • Drip Irrigation is very similar to the mist irrigation, but is best used in landscaping beds near focal plants. Drip irrigation works by dripping water down toward the plant's roots. This type of irrigation must be placed near the plant because there isn’t any spray.
  • Soaker Irrigation is a way to allow your landscaping plants to receive water without a full irrigation system. Soaker irrigation (or soaker hoses) are buried in your landscape beds and routed between your plants, then attaching to your standard spigot. When turned on, water will protrude through the millions of tiny holes throughout the hose, soaking the ground where your plant's roots grow.

When you hire Ambiance Landscape for your new landscaping design and installation, we always recommend an irrigation system if your don’t have one already. We can also install a new irrigation systems in your existing landscaping, so your lawn and landscaping receives adequate water on regular bases. Our irrigation services are currently available to Jackson, MS and surrounding areas such as Brandon and Flowood. Call us at (601) 829-1309 for all of your irrigation needs.

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